Advanced Sorting Machines SRL is joining the Bulgarian ELICA GROUP

ELICA GROUP and Sesotec are pleased to announce their agreement for the forthcoming acquisition by ELICA of the Italian company ASM which has been part of Sesotec group for the last five years. ELICA GROUP is a leading supplier of installations for sunflower dehulling, grain cleaning, seed processing, and equipment for handling of bulk materials, and Sesotec GmbH – the global player for development and production of high-tech systems for foreign object detection and material sorting in a wide range of applications.
ELICA and Sesotec have signed today the SalesPurchase Agreement, and the closing of the acquisition is scheduled by the end of 2020. This successful outcome of negotiations started early this year that, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic situation and the inability to travel. All discussions continued by means of online conferences.
ELICA and ASM have been collaborating for over twelve years and built solid trust with each other. Last year the companies shared stands on two international events– INDAGRA in Bucharest, Romania, and CSS & SEED EXPO in Chicago, USA.
ELICA successfully reveals its potential, thanks to the vision of constant innovation and the application of the most cutting-edge technologies. Their solutions grant high processing capacity, combined with a unique design and functionality.

Each installation is developed according to individual customer requirements. By offering equipment with outstanding performance, automation and stylish design, ELICA’s scope extends to many countries, including Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Argentina.

ASMrelies on more than 30 years of experience in the optical sorting equipment and on a structured own organization to develop and manufacture its products. The wide range of ASM devices is at the forefront of sorting technology and ensure maximum product purity and ease of use. ASM technology combines innovative software features and data analysis so that even the most challenging applications can be successfully handled.

ASM optical sorters are currently employed in more than 50 countries worldwide and can count on the constant availability of a highly-skilled customer service team, either for remote assistance or local maintenance.
With this acquisition, ELICA’s vision entails long-term sustainable growth to both companies by using ASM’s high-tech knowledge combined with its experience and resources.
The machines supplied by ASM are one of the main components in turnkey solutions provided by the Bulgarian manufacturer ELICA and thanks to this cooperation, ELICA can offer added value technologies and services.
ELICA will therefore set a representative office at ASM in Western Europe and expand its customers’ network in that region. A consolidated team of more than 20 R&D engineers at the group will collaborate to fulfill the specific customer requirements in effective turnkey solutions and cutting-edge equipment.
ELICA and ASM will keep their traditional commitment to quality, performance and customer satisfaction.
Thanks to their synergies and perfect fit, the two companies will jointly offer innovative solutions, diversifying the range of services and products to their customers and partners globally.

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