ELICA PRO is working on a large-scale project for the processing of organic sunflower seeds in Western Europe

ELICA PRO работи по мащабен проект за преработка на био слънчогледови семена в Западна Европа

The project is implemented in two stages, the first of which is “Cleaning and calibrating of bio seeds”(organic sunflower seeds) with a capacity of 13t/h. ELICA PRO high-performance calibrating machines divide the seeds into two fractions. In the second stage -“Dehulling and cleaning of the large and small fraction of bio sunflower”(capacity of 2.4 t/h), the processing of large seeds is intended for the production of nuts for human consumption. The optical sorters of Elica ASM contributes for the 99.95% purity of the final product. The processing of small fraction sunflower with a capacity of 180 t/24h involves dehulling and separating the sunflower husk from the nut, which is later pressed. Due to the highly efficient closed-loop aspiration modules, the residual flake content in the pressing material is 10-12%. The content of the nut in the husk is also of considerable importance. After cleaning it with ELICA Hulls Beater, the is reduced to 2%.

All details of the machines and equipment for the nut are made of stainless steel type AISI 316. This is а mandatory requirement when producing goods for the food industry. In addition, all metal surfaces that come into contact with the seeds are coated with organic oil.

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