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ELICA PRO – New brand identity

ELICA PRO - New brand identity

Dear partners,

During the past decade, ELICA gained trust as a reliable provider of complete technological solutions for customers all around the world.

Today, after a year full of challenges, we are pleased to announce our new brand identity!

The Group’s corporate strategy through the past few years resulted in creating and acquiring new business units. These changes required individualising the brand.

Brand name ELICA PRO derives from our core equipment competence – processing seeds, grains, pulses and others.PRO also stands for PROfessionalism, PROactiveness, PROblem-solving.

ELICA PRO’s main expertise is delivering GRAIN, SEED & FOOD SOLUTIONS, our new company slogan. It depicts our complete scope of work.

Key visual

An orange circle with our logo in the middle, surrounded by a round shape. The circle itself symbolises the centre of our universe – the customer. Both elements embody the everlasting symbiosis and unity that we strive to achieve. The orange corporate colour carries the meaning of the sun – a source of life and light. In addition, the round-shaped figure displays the protection and care we provide for our clients, always leaving room for improvement, innovation, and development.



From pre-cleaning of the seeds after harvest to the first pure drop of oil. From transporting grain for storage to the production of quality and protein-rich animal food. From biomass waste collection to its conversion into fuel. We deliver complete solutions. We are next to you from the beginning until the end of the production cycle.


It’s true! Our mutual future is built on trust, partnership and care.


Visit our updated website www.elica-pro.com with a user-friendly interface and fresh design in compliance with the brand identity. Welcome to our new world! To ELICA PRO, it has always been about you, our partners, and the values we generate for your businesses. 


All tails of the company emails end as follows: “@elica-pro.com, e.g.john.smith@elica-pro.com

The future is ours!

You can always contact your sales representative if you have any questions regarding the new brand identity.

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